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Meet the Team

Matt Faure

Principal Partner
AIA, NCARB, LEED-AP – MA/Architecture – MSU

Matt has over 25 years of experience with new construction as well as renovation and expansion projects in public and commercial facilities. More than a decade of hands on experience with construction and project management allows him to confidently make decisions and illustrate his design and construction administration skills. During his tenure with Faure Halvorsen Architects, Matt has proven himself to be a dedicated, hard-working and problem-solving architect. This experience has made him an invaluable partner in the firm and he has been an integral team member on every large-scale projects since he dedicated his services to the firm.

Matt Joined the firm in 1991, and became an owner in 1997. He is licensed to practice in Montana, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Texas.

Kipp Halvorsen

Principal Partner
MA/Architecture - MSU

Kipp has been an essential member of Faure Halvorsen Architect’s design team for almost 25 years. During his tenure, he has been the lead design architect for many of the firms’ large-scale projects. Kipp’s ability and attention to detail is no more apparent than in the Town of Deadrock on the Crazy Mountain Ranch, owned by Philip Morris USA. This multi-million dollar project was planned, designed, and constructed under Kipp’s careful management. The project totaled 60,000 sq ft. of new construction and 15,000 sq ft of renovations. This is just one commercial project that illustrates Kipp’s design and detailing abilities, however he has contributed to numerous commercial and residential projects since he joined the firm. Kipp is an incredible artist and still often drafts and renders by hand, breathing life into his drawings and allowing clients to visualize their projects from early on.

Nathan Harmon

LEED-AP – BS/Industrial & Management Eng. – MSU

Nathan has been with the firm for close to 20 years and in the Architectural industry for over 20 years. Graduating from Montana State University with a degree in Industrial and Management Engineering, he is invaluable to Faure Halvorsen with his technical background. His knowledge and experience of both commercial and residential fields is extensive. He has worked on multi-million dollar custom homes in the prestigious Yellowstone Club, to the smallest renovation projects, all while understanding that attention to intricate detail is imperative and structural stability a must.

Amy Swinger

Associate Architect
AIT – MA/Architecture – MSU

Born and raised in Montana, Amy is a true country girl strongly influenced by the rural culture of the West. Prior to getting her Masters in Architecture at MSU, Amy spent a few years working as a carpenter where she gained experience and knowledge in the building industry. Utilizing her skills and experience she has become a strong and positive member of the FHA team. She has worked as an AIT (Architect in Training) here since February 2014. When away from her desk in the office, Amy can be found exploring the mountains of Montana on horseback, spending time on the waters of Flathead lake or networking with the community and laughing with friends.

Zoya Shynkevich

Associate Architect
AIT – MA/Architecture – MSU

Zoya believes that architecture should be unique to the client, engaging and enriching the project's locale. Originally from the Republic of Belarus, Zoya lived in Florida for seven years, moving to Montana in 2010 bringing her love for fishing and the great outdoors. She joined FH Architects in 2012, practicing architectural design, leadership, and collaboration skills. During her tenure, she received both Bachelors and Masters degrees from the School of Architecture at Montana State University, also acquiring several scholarships and awards throughout. Zoya is passionate about her roots and traditions believing that history is worth preserving and architecture is among the richest forms of historical context.

Quinton Gangle

MA/Architecture – MSU

Whether it be in the mountains surrounding Bozeman or the practice of architectural design, Quinton enjoys the thrill of exploration. His passion for design and the process of making architecture stems from the enjoyment of creating meaningful and experiential places. Aided by a long-time interest in drawing and representation, he sees architectural experience as being eminently important in design which drives the realization of a project. Quinton grew up in Missoula but now resides in Bozeman, enjoying its outdoor culture and applying his experience and passions to create meaningful and enjoyable architecture.

Kelsey Corti


Kelsey was born and raised in Missoula, Montana but moved to Bozeman to pursue her degree in Architecture and hasn’t looked back since. Kelsey grew up with a hands on lifestyle, helping her father build and fix things around the house. Her interest in building and design helped her determine at a young age that architecture was the path she would take. While at MSU, Kelsey also completed coursework in Interior Design allowing her to provide our clients with Interior Design services. Having recently graduated with a Masters in Architecture she is planning to pursue licensure in the near future. Outside of the office, Kelsey can be found exploring all Montana has to offer and building furniture with her husband.

Dewey Olson


Dewey is a Montana Native with a deep respect for the vast landscape here and how it plays a role in everyday life. His passion for architecture began with his fascination of the connection that can be created with a building and its surroundings. He is currently working on his Masters of Architecture at MSU and has been an integral part of the FHA team, bringing his passion for design, 3D modeling skills and previous work experience to the table. When not working or studying Dewey is traveling the world and keeping himself fit with all season outdoor recreation.